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35 different courses at La Llacuna

Presentation of the courses - Comú ALV

The three schools of the cultural centre La Llacuna, the Institute of Music, the School of Art and the Theatre and Dance Classroom begin the academic year this week, although enrolment is still open. In total, there are more than 650 students in 35 different courses. Among the new features are a musical instrument rental bank to help families avoid costs, a video course, circus and trapeze classes for children and photography for young people.

The different courses, workshops and monographic courses, aimed at children, young people and adults, can be carried out thanks to a staff of 43 teachers. Thus, the Institute of Music teaches 16 musical instruments, 7 training cycles and 4 monographic courses; the School of Art offers 10 courses and 7 monographic courses and the Theatre and Dance Classroom offers 18 courses and 1 monographic course.

Other novelties are theatre for children from the age of 4, trapeze for children and young people, video recording and editing workshop and photography for young people. There will also be a circus and juggling course for pupils aged 5 to 10. It should be noted that this year there has been no increase in fees compared to the previous year in order to facilitate access to culture and training for everyone.


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