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A sculpture to heat your home

What if we design a sculpture that, at the same time, is a fireplace? Well, we would hardly do it with the same technique as Dominique Imbert. Combining creativity and necessity is no easy task, but for the promoter of Focus fireplaces (the most iconic and futuristic of the 20th century) it never posed a significant difficulty. Among its models are several facades with different "exploded" shapes, which give the rooms an exclusive sophisticated, elegant and groundbreaking atmosphere. The truth is that the "tears" made and signed by Imbert make each of the waxed steel models unique and functional sculptures. Whether they are located in the center of the room, integrated into a wall, with exposed welds, naturally oxidized steel or in the form of a monolith, these types of fireplaces combine perfectly with the environments in which they are placed and they make them more welcoming.

Today, his fantastic creations can be custom made for private clients, so the flames will continue to work their way into the memory of steel, even if Imbert passed away this September. Its legacy and designs, unique in the world, will continue to warm the homes of design lovers who want to have a unique piece. These types of fireplaces usually work with wood, a very advantageous material both ecologically and economically. Burning pruning debris and dry logs is far more beneficial to the planet than natural gas and its emissions do not contribute to the greenhouse effect. On the other hand, these products offer a very high thermal efficiency, a longer shelf life than a boiler, create an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation and can be used to cook with them.

Ifoc is a company specialized in fireplaces and different heat products for your home, such as burners, stoves, barbecues, coatings, hydro water ... The entity works with major brands in the sector, such as Focus, Planika, Rocal, Piazzetta and Cheminées Polyflam, among others. If you are looking for a fireplace, its personalized service will help you find the best option for your home.

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