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El Cigne, artisan flavour with a lot of tradition

Like every year, the Cigne & Delicious patisserie begins preparations for one of the most important dates of the season: the making of cocas de San Juan.

It is a time of the year that marks the beginning of summer and kicks off activities such as the main festivities and open-air musical events.

Among many traditions and all this atmosphere of celebration, we find the coca de San Juan, a product that has its origins in ancient times and has become an indispensable part of this festivity.

If we go back to ancient times, the coca de San Juan that we know today had the shape of a cake ring that referred to the sun. Nowadays, we can find a much more diversified offer that has evolved thanks to the most daring confectioners with varieties and flavours to suit all tastes.

Certainly, the brioche coca with cream and pine nuts is the main protagonist in this range of options, although we can discover alternatives such as puff pastry with different fillings and an infinite number of combinations.

No matter which flavour or variety you choose, it is worth noting that all cocas de San Juan have two characteristics that make them special and different from the rest of the year: the dough, whose combination of ingredients results in a richer and more unctuous texture. And, on the other hand, the pine nuts are an indispensable and distinctive part of this popular product.

At Pastelería Cigne & Delicious, they work to produce quality products, with proximity and good service. That is why every year they revive this tradition with a varied offer but focused on the classics.

On this occasion, they offer brioche cakes for the classics such as cream, chocolate, fruit, filled with cream or truffle and, of course, the ever-present pine nut cakes. But if you are still looking for more options, you can also find alternatives such as the puff pastry with crackling.

Cigne & Delicious is a patisserie that offers a wide variety of sweets, sandwiches and breads. Located in the heart of Sant Julià de Lòria, it has become a reference point in the parish with artisan elaborations and details that make the difference, making it an option for your breakfasts or snacks due to its excellent value for money.

If you still don't know where to buy your coca de San Juan for this year, visit Cigne & Delicious and you will discover everything they have for this special date.

Tel: +376 823 863


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