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Birds of Andorra

Here are some of the birds you can find in the Principality of Andorra:

Bearded vulture

The bearded vulture is a vulture that gets its name from its habit of throwing bears from great heights to make them impact against the rocks and thus be able to eat the inside.


This bird usually inhabits forests of black, red or fir pine, it is also the largest of its lineage. Although it is able to fly it prefers to walk on Earth.


It is known for being generally sociable, as it is usually friendly to people. This bird is relatively abundant in Catalan countries, and is very present during the winter months.

Heron (pica pica)

With the characteristic black and white color around the body, it is known for its weakness to shiny objects, plus being very sociable and building complex nests.

In case they weren’t enough, here’s some more!

Picture of a green-necked duck

Image of a blackbird

Picture of a fisherman martin


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