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Sant Serni of Canillo Church

The Sant Serni of Canillo Church dates back to the Baroque period (17th-18th centuries) and preserves traces of an earlier Romanesque construction (12th century), such as the walls and the baptistery. The central nave and the bell tower -which is the highest in Andorra- had to be rebuilt at the beginning of the 17th century.

In 2009, during improvement works, archaeological remains were discovered under the subsoil of the nave that are believed to be older even that the 12th century. There were also found a number of burials ranging from the seventh to the eighteenth century. Because of that, it is estimated that the construction was reformed during different periods.

The interior of the church also houses a polychrome Gothic carving of a 14th-century crucifix and a Baroque altarpiece dedicated to Sant Serni, bishop of Toulouse.



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