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Santa Coloma Church

The Santa Coloma church has pre-Romanesque origins and was built between the 8th and 9th centuries, therefore it is one of the oldest in Andorra. During the 12th century, some reforms were made and the Lombard bell tower was added with a circular plan and four floors high that currently stylizes the main floor.

One of the main attractions of the church is the interior mural it contains. Originally, the main sanctuary was decorated with a beautiful cycle of fresco paintings, but most of these were sold and the space was almost naked. In 2007, the Andorran Government was able to recover all the paintings and proposed to restore the header. However, the alterations that had suffered the paintings and the apse over the years made it impossible to recover the mural as it was in the beginning.

Because of technological advances, another solution has been found that allows you to enjoy the original paintings without the need to use the mural that was recovered. Through the virtual recreation called video mapping, the church is now displaying all its splendor and the citizens and visitors can contemplate the paintings in an innovative way and totally faithful to history. The video lasts six minutes and is accompanied by a game of lights and sounds. All of this allows the viewers to relive the sensations transmitted by the original frescoes.



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