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A Sweet Easter

Easter is coming and with it the cupboards and showcases of the bakeries are filled with delicious typical sweets, such as the mona, the fritters or the chocolate figurines. All these elaborations are highly appreciated in our country, both for their flavor and for the tradition they represent. In fact, especially in the Levante area, it is very common for godparents to give to their godsons a mona on the Easter Sunday.

The traditional mona, originally from the Arabic cuisine, is a variety of biscuit containing an egg on top. On top of that, it is similar to the roscón de reyes, since both elaborations are made with orange blossom water, a product that gives off a pleasant aroma. It has many variations, but the traditional dough recipe is made of flour, sugar, eggs and salt.

After this typical elaboration appeared the cakes and chocolate eggs, as well as the colorful feathers to decorate them and the silver anise. Like their predecessor, they are usually consumed at the end of the Lent period. Over time, chocolate rabbits were also made and, little by little, pastry chefs started creating houses, soccer balls, cars... to end up preparing real artistic chocolate elaborations.

As for the fritters, the dough is usually flavored with white wine, the zest of some citrus and anise in grain, obtaining a delicious pastry very easily prepared. Being a soft and light preparation, they are perfect to either serve them after a meal with friends or to delight the palate accompanying them with a cup of chocolate in the afternoon.

On top of the sweets we just talked about, there are many others that have also been traditionally made over the years. This is the case of the torrijas (although they are so popular and easy to prepare that they are currently cooked throughout the year), the donuts de Cuaresma or the pestiños, among others. They is different ways to sweeten this time of the year.

Cigne & Delicious Pastry is a café and artisan pastry shop. Its products are homemade respecting traditional recipes and with the best products on the market. The establishment has a wide variety of pastries to enjoy a good bite, as well as chocolates and other typical sweets. They also offer coffees, teas, juices, etc. They even have a selection of products for celiac people. Moreover, the bakery has products that are made during designated dates, such as Easter monas and fritters, but also Sant Antoni tortells at the end of January, Sant Joan coques in June, panellets during the chestnut season or Sant Jordi cakes.

Tel: +376 823 863


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