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Fountains on the Valira river

The second phase of the beautification of the Place de la Rotonda and its surroundings begins this week on the section of the river promenade linking the square to the Pont de Paris bridge. The main attraction of the works, which are scheduled to last about 9 months, is the construction of a fountain over the Valira river, the rays of which can be synchronised with light and sound.

It is hoped that the construction of the fountain will be an attraction both for the citizens of the country and for tourists, as well as a stimulus that will help to revitalise the commercial centre. The fountains will be built by Fluidra and will recycle water from the river in a closed circuit. In this sense, the council assures that the project is totally respectful of the environment and will not affect the riverbed in any way.

The water and light shows will last about 7 minutes and will be projected at 20-minute intervals. Moreover, it is envisaged that more than 2,000 different choreographies can be performed. As for the budget, it was estimated that 4.5 million euros would be needed, but in the end the cost will be less than 4 million.


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