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The Marco Maseda Retrospective at Art Lab

Art is a constantly evolving and transforming field that gives rise to different styles and ways of expression where frontiers and limitations have no place.

The case of Marco Maseda, an artist with more than twenty years of experience, is a clear example of this transgression and openness that has managed to build a name and style in a very competitive world eager for permanent content. With presentations in leading cities such as Madrid, Shanghai and New York, Marco Maseda is committed to a retrospective exhibition that takes place in the Art Lab art gallery, and shows us the evolution throughout his career in each of the stages that have positioned him as an artist of international renown and increasingly sought after.

In this exhibition we will be able to discover Marco's long and intense path through art, with works ranging from his first paintings where he experimented with the use of colour, creations where he gave free rein to his imagination with black and white Chinese ink, to his most recent works whose composition reflects a complex and personal artistic process, as well as the audacious and daring spirit that characterises this creator originally from Castellón.

Referring to the style of his latest work, whose protagonist is the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marco Maseda tells us that his creative process begins with an initial idea or concept in his mind, which is materialised by painting the image on a board, followed by an investigation and compilation of information on the personality portrayed, to finally capture the newspapers behind the image and culminate with elements such as neon and touches of paint that provide the necessary point for the creator of the piece.

In this way, and in the words of the author, he "mixes everything he likes in a painting".

But it doesn't all end here, as the demanding level of detail in each work requires an in situ analysis, specifically in his own home, where Marco "tests" each painting and gives the verdict to validate the piece.

Although Marco calls himself "self-taught" in several disciplines, he has been training over the years, but at a pace that has allowed him to preserve and explore his essence as a painter, maintaining his own style and far from the influences that he describes as "contaminating".

The exhibition "Retrospective" allows us to encounter not only his career and creative evolution, but also an idea and a way of expressing emotions through different elements that seek to generate emotions and give rise to an infinite number of points of view in each painting.

For this, the creator of this presentation has chosen exclusively the Art Lab art gallery located in Santa Coloma, parroquia de Andorra la Vella, under the direction of the entrepreneur Chris Bouwer, who has been, in the words of the artist, "a supporter and promoter" of his works in the Principality where the Marco currently resides. The recently inaugurated exhibition will remain open until 15 December for all those who wish to know more about the works and the artist, and also includes his previous exhibition '27's Club'. They can be visited from Monday to Friday by appointment.

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