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Estanyó's Lake

The Sorteny Valley's Natural Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve since October 2020, has an area of 1080 hectares and stands out for its great floral richness. On this area you can find more than 700 plant species (plants with seeds necessary for its reproduction) and, in total, more than 50 endemic species of the Pyrenees.

Inside the valley we can find the Estanyó's pond. The road to get there starts at the Natural Park's entrance, which is located on the CS-370 road, a detour located on the CG-3 road in the direction of Ordino-Arcalís, after passing the village of Serrat. Private car access costs 4 euros, but you can also get there by bus from Ordino every 30 minutes for only 20 cents.

The route runs along a track until you reach the sign that announces a detour to a narrower road. From this point the flora begins to turn the trail into an authentic visual spectacle, especially in spring and summer. Afterwards, you cross a wooded area with a certain unevenness and during the last stretch you can again enjoy an open area with lots of vegetation and humid areas.

The complete tour has a medium difficulty overall. It has a little more than 500 meters of slope and to reach the pond we must walk about 3 and a half kilometers, approximately, so the duration of the hike is around two hours. On top of that, in Ordino's tourist office you can book places for guided tours and get to know the environment and fauna of the whole valley.


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