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Pic de Comapedrosa

Comapedrosa is the highest peak in the country with a height of 2,942 metres. It takes approximately seven hours to climb and it is recommended that you visit it between May and October. During this period, the temperature and atmosphere is milder and the contrast of colours that can be seen from the peak is much more spectacular than during the other months. The entire route is marked with yellow dots, although we will also follow the white and red stripes of the GR11 for a good part of the route.

The route starts in Arinsal, specifically in Prats Sobirans. From there, climb the marked path, which passes alongside the Pedrosa river, until you reach first the Pleta de Comapedrosa and then the refuge of the same name. This is a sheltered hut, although right next to it there is also an unsheltered hut available.

Once you leave the refuge behind, the path becomes wider and takes you to the Negre lake. At this point the route is very rocky and we leave the GR11 behind us to advance towards the ridge that we have to overcome before reaching the peak. Once you have reached the highest point in Andorra, you can return along the same route or descend towards Pleta de Baiau and join the GR11 again.



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