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Snowshoeing and its origin

Snowshoeing has become a perfect option when it comes to practicing a snow sport. It is suitable for all audiences, easy to use and allow us to reach landscapes that we could not contemplate without them. Its origin, however, has nothing to do with leisure outings or the world of sport...

The exact date of the first snowshoeing is not known, but it is estimated that they were started about 6,000 to 4,000 years ago in Central Asia. Its original function was basically to help the inhabitants of snowlands to travel long journeys more easily and without sinking. Later, depending on the regions and countries that used them, they evolved in form and functionality.

The first rackets were made of leather, wood and other natural materials. And their size depended on whether the travelers carried packages or not. On top of that, the shape and color varied according to the populations. That way, one could also distinguish where the traveler came from.


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