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Start getting the rest you deserve

We sleep a third of our lives. Guaranteeing our rest is essential to lead a healthy life and Sommcasa is fully aware of this, which is why they have the best combination of tradition, materials and technology. We are talking about their magnificent mattresses, although it is not the only product they have: desks, shelves, wardrobes, bunk beds, couches, side tables and, in short, everything you need to guarantee your rest and comfort. The company has a specific range of products for each client in terms of materials, firmness and sensations. Sommcasa is the official distributor of Karibian in Andorra. Its products are made with the best raw materials, combined with each other to provide a perfect sleep. Their mattresses are also certified with the ecological label Oeko Tex-Standard, which guarantees that their textile products are free of harmful substances.

More specifically, Sommcasa mattresses contain a minimum of 85% natural latex, a product capable of protecting against fungi, bacteria and mites, as well as being characterised by its elasticity, ventilation, softness and resistance. They also incorporate modal fibre, a perfect alternative for people suffering from cotton allergies, which improves softness and comfort. Depending on the product, they may contain other materials, such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, tencel... all of them treated and applied with the latest technological advances in the sector. The springs, responsible for relieving tension and providing support for our rest, are also of the highest quality. Their arrangement is carefully calculated so that they are aligned with the body and adapt optimally, offering the consumer a superior sleep experience at all times and without interruption.

As for the rest of the components of the room, Sommcasa has a wide catalogue of furniture, made with materials of the highest quality and with a design adapted to the latest market trends, so you can create a modern, relaxed, functional and comfortable environment. They offer bedrooms for both children and adults and have a team of professionals ready to advise you so that you can have the bedroom you have always wanted. In this sense, they also have 3D programmes so that you can visualise the final result before making your purchases.

Sommcasa is a company with four furniture shops: one in Andorra, one in Sant Andreu de la Barca and two in Barcelona. Its products, made with raw materials of the highest quality, have a design in line with market trends. In their premises they have different types of kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms, as well as auxiliary furniture and complements for the home. In addition, they carry out made-to-measure projects to guarantee the maximum adaptability of their catalogue to their customers. They also have a fully customisable sofa shop (Sommsofà), located in Martorell.

Tel. +376 844 421


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