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Sunglasses to take care of your eyesight

In addition to providing style and personality, sunglasses are a key element to protect our vision. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause our bodies to develop diseases such as cataracts or even eye cancer. Of course, they are also excellent protection against other external factors, such as light reflected from snow, sand or wind. That is why, when choosing one of these accessories, it is essential to make sure that they are of good quality.


With more than 140 years of experience, Serengeti distributes its sunglasses worldwide. Its lenses are the only ones with the brand's patented Spectral Filter, which selectively filters light according to wavelength, eliminating glare and maintaining the natural balance of colours. In addition, they automatically darken and lighten depending on the brightness without wearing out over time, as this is a characteristic of the glass and not a coating.

Serengeti has lenses in different shades to suit the needs of all its customers and the frames of the glasses are adapted to the latest trends, they are corrosion resistant and the finishes and polishes are handmade.

Maui Jim

The brand was born on the beaches of Hawaii in 1980. They currently have more than 125 models of sunglasses, all of them polarised and with 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. Thanks to the excellent quality of their lenses, this product eliminates reflections and allows the eyes to relax, as well as repelling water and grease.

The company also manufactures prescription sunglasses, offering the widest possible field of vision, extraordinary sharpness and colour enhancement. In fact, the digital design of the lenses allows them to produce prescriptions up to ten times more precise than in normal laboratories.


If you love sports, Julbo is probably your best choice. With 125 years of history, this company is specialised in offering glasses that offer total protection when practising high mountain sports, speed sports, high performance sports and, in short, any outdoor sport.

So much so that it can be considered the brand of reference in terms of sun protection in extreme environments, although they also have models for everyday use for both adults and children.

At Euro Optica they have the best quality glasses. In addition to all the aforementioned brands, they have many other sunglasses and a wide range of prescription lenses, as well as contact lenses and liquids for these. Among the brands they work with are Tous, Police, Dior, Carolina Herrera, Fila, Prada and Ray-Ban, among others.

In addition, in order to offer the best experience to their customers and to guarantee the quality of their work, they also have a workshop for assembling and repairing glasses in the establishment itself and an optometry service to check the eyesight of their customers and to advise them in the best way: with rigorousness and professionalism that characterises them.

Tel: +376 828 505


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