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Taverna Cal Roka, a Mediterranean-Japanese fusion cuisine in Andorra

sushi at taverna cal roka

Taverna Cal Roka is a restaurant that combines Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine in a unique way in Andorra. It is located right in the centre of Andorra la Vella in a modern and cosy setting.


Their menu is organised into two sections, one with an oriental style and the other with a much more Mediterranean style that maintains quality as a key aspect in both cases.


The first has a wide variety of dishes with fish as the main ingredient, where the quality of the raw material plays a fundamental role. In this section of the menu, options such as prawn, eel or salmon nigiris, butterfish maki or tuna tataki stand out. They also offer alternatives such as tartar, salads, soups and a selection of hot dishes.

The Mediterranean menu, which is the second part of their proposal, is more focused on traditional flavors, offering a variety of dishes for everyone's tastes. They have dishes such as steamed mussels, duck gizzard salads, grilled gilthead bream, Aragon lamb ribs or grilled rabbit, among many other alternatives


Because of the variety of its menu, at Taverna Cal Roka you can enjoy a more casual moment with a wide selection of tapas, or celebrate a special occasion with more elaborated dishes complemented by a wide range of wines.


Finishing off a memorable meal requires a delicious dessert, which is why at Taverna Cal Roka they have irresistible options such as their famous cheesecake, fresher alternatives such as mandarin sorbet, green tea ice cream, or tempting dishes such as coulant or tiramisu.


Another of the most outstanding aspects of the customers of Taverna Cal Roka is the friendly service of its team, which, on top of the interesting price-quality ratio, makes this renowned restaurant one of the favourite choices in the centre of the Andorran capital.

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Tel: +376 724 420

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