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Technological solutions for more economically profitable construction

The cities of the future are already here. The development of technology and IoT solutions for the construction and maintenance of infrastructures are two of the factors that are enabling companies to monitor the collection and sending of information relating to their works and infrastructures to optimize their decision-making, save time and money and, of course, have an online platform with all the data available in real time.

Witeklab is one of these leading companies in the technology market. Specifically, it develops solutions, inspired by the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and smart cities, that simplify industrial, work and service processes in the fields of telecommunications, electronics and integrated IT systems. That's why it has its own laboratory in which it patents intelligent, long-life, ultra-low-power sensor technology, wireless communication systems for real-time data transmission, solutions for wireless energy transmission and systems for data acquisition, processing and treatment.

Witeklab currently offers a total of five solutions:

Corrochip: This is a system capable of monitoring and evaluating corrosion in reinforced concrete.The installation of these sensors allows the consultation of key parameters remotely, in real time and in a very precise manner, making easier the decision-making to guarantee the integrity of structures and extend their useful life. This technology is applicable to any type of reinforced concrete structure.

Trenchip: This is a comprehensive solution for underground asset management, which allows key points to be marked using long-lasting sensors and subsequently located on the surface without the need for excavation. On that sense, all asset information and documentation are up-to-date and always available in a single tool and the monitoring and maintenance of underground trenches and pipelines is easier, safer, faster and much more cost-effective.

Witeklab offers solutions to optimize decision making at all stages of the construction process, saving time and money.

Community: Allows you to manage information about the assets and services of the communities of owners, as well as locate hidden facilities by incorporating sensors at key points, facilitating inspection and maintenance measures. It also includes a Web App with a document management system to keep all documentation up to date. On the other hand, Community is also a powerful tool for developers and property managers, as it makes the management of information and communication in real estate developments easier, generating time and cost savings in the construction process.

Monsec: This tool remotely monitors concrete hardening and provides real-time information on concrete strength and maturity, speeding up decision-making on formwork interventions and saving time and resources. To do this, the system uses new generation wireless sensors, processes the data in the cloud and provides the necessary parameters for decision-making. RockChip: An autonomous telemetry tool integrated into slope protection systems for monitoring anchorages and earthworks. It automatically reports on the integrity, the state of the element and the evolution of the stresses to which it is subjected. The data obtained is displayed in real time via a web platform.

Witeklab also offers consultancy services for the development of IoT solutions focused on data collection, transmission and processing. In this sense, its advanced sensor lab has the capacity to develop projects in a growing number of fields, both private and public, because of the close collaboration they have with other research teams from different disciplines. Moreover, its technical team can analyse the requirements of the construction sector and offer support in the adoption of the most suitable techniques and materials to solve these problems.


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