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The Andorran parliament

The Consell General of Andorra is one of the oldest parliaments in Europe. It was created in 1419, when the two co-princes of Andorra, the Bishop of Urgell and the Count of Foix, decided that Andorrans would have the right to choose their representatives. At the moment of its creation, the parliament was called the Consell de la Terra (Council of the Earth), a name that would change in the second half of the nineteenth century. The representatives of each parish meet once a year to solve the problems of the territory and its population.

The organism maintains its continuity over time, but with two significant changes. The first change came in 1866, with what they call the New Reform. It defines the number of parliamentarians per parish on top of consolidating the name of the institution as the Consell General. This reform also sets which Andorrans can vote or who can run for parliamentarian. The second change came with the Andorran Constitution in 1993. With this reform, the institution was modernized, and it became a legitimate and authoritative figure in the country. In 2011, the Consell left the Casa de la Vall and moved to its new headquarters, located a few meters away from the former place.


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