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The benefits of eating healthy and local

Consuming local products brings many benefits, both to our health and to the economy. By definition, we can understand this type of products as those that have been grown or produced by local people and in a place close to where they are finally sold.

When it comes to food, it is seasonal. By naturally complying with the cycles of growth and maturation and not being subjected to preservation processes, they are fresher, tastier and contain more nutrients. In addition, opting for these products encourages the production of indigenous varieties that are unknown to larger consumer circles.

On the other hand, opting for 0-kilometre products means benefiting local producers and improving the health of the environment, as global distribution emits more pollutants and greenhouse gases. In the same vein, more waste is also generated due to the number of containers used.

Oolong Coffe & Brunch, located in Arinsal, has an extensive breakfast and brunch menu made from local products. Specifically, they offer a wide variety of sandwiches, toasts, wraps, crepes and snacks. They also have quality infusions, beers and wines. It is worth noting that the restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy local sausage and cheese, as well as honey and jam made in the principality.

It's all about the 'fast good' model: eating quickly and healthily, with fresh produce that has been grown nearby. Thus, Oolong is a business committed to the health of the planet and its customers, which also does everything possible to improve the economy of the small producers around them. Good atmosphere, excellent product and affordable prices.

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