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The ideal space to grow in

modern teen bedroom

Designing a room for the youngest of the house may seem a complicated task, since it has to be a place where they feel comfortable and identified, but that can accompany them as they grow. Therefore, it has to be a functional space, but that does not go out of style too quickly. It must not lose its originality. The dilemma between utility and style can stress even the best parents, so here are some tips to make this task much easier.

The ideal for this type of space is to think about how to cover all their needs, which will guide the arrangement of furniture and the separation of the room. If it is a young child at school, you can dedicate a specific area to facilitate study. On the other hand, if it is a small child, you can create a delimited play area.

In the same way, think about the storage space and the functionality that will be given to this room. Do you always have people at home? Invest in a trundle bed to be always ready for visitors. Although if you do not have much space, maybe the best option is a loft bed, where you can place a desk underneath or a custom closet. If it's a room for more than one child, a bunk bed will allow you to maximize space and allow each child to add his or her own personal touch.

When it comes to colors and decoration, make sure to give them some leeway in which they can express their style and hobbies, but always keep in mind that their tastes are not permanent, so a themed room can quickly become outdated. Indeed, if you want it to be a space that will be with them for a long time, you should think about investing in good quality furniture that can withstand the passage of time and daily use.

Finally, keep in mind that colors influence people's moods, so choose the tones of the room intentionally to make it a space for rest and concentration. However, you should never forget to give it a fun touch, since it will be his last room before he becomes an adult.

If all this seems too complicated, Sommcasa will advise you on the design of all kinds of spaces to create the home of your dreams. With high quality furniture at a competitive price, they will help you find the best solutions for the needs of your space. On top of that, if you need a specific layout, you should know that they also make custom projects to ensure maximum functionality in your home. They even elaborate 3D projects so you can visualize the result before purchasing the furniture.

Their catalog includes closets with contemporary designs, trundle and pull-down beds, bunk beds, desks of different sizes and other accessories such as shelves, play and study areas.

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