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Very sweet works of art in Andorra

escultura Laurence jenks en andorra

Andorra is a country with great cultural capital, which is also manifested in the form of works of art. Whether by local artists or those who come to exhibit in the principality, Andorra has a lot to offer all its visitors.

A key point in terms of art in Andorra is Sun Gallery, an art gallery located a few meters from the nerve center of Andorra, whose exhibition proposes to highlight established artists on the French Riviera.

One such artist is Laurence Jenkell, better known under the stage name Laurence Jenk. This French-born sculptor and painter creates a bridge between adulthood and childhood that has drawn the attention of audiences of all ages.

Laurence Jenk is one of the artists with the most exhibitions in the world, a fact that we have been able to verify on the streets of the principality in 2017 with the exhibition held on Avinguda Carlemany to celebrate the traditional Vivand. But what many people don't know is that, despite her intense training in the art sector, she defines herself as a self-taught artist.

In her first years as an artist, around the 1990s, Laurence Jenk began by exploring the possibilities that materials such as Plexiglas could offer her in artistic creation. However, she quickly includes other resources in her collection such as marble, aluminum or even bronze. Despite having a relatively similar shape, her works manage to convey very different things depending on the message of the artist, who has quite strong convictions.

For this reason, her works have been seen in international exhibitions, in collaborations with well-known brands and even for events on a global scale.

Her technique is characterized by a very particular use of wrapping and folding. She manages to create works of considerable size with a realistic aesthetic that give wings to the imagination and allow us to explore the fantasy universe of the artist. Her art is based on a rediscovery of color that transports viewers to their own dimension, full of innocence, where they can recall their own childhood.

Proof of this is the frequent reference to the chocolates that the sculptress makes, and it goes back to her childhood when her parents strictly forbade her sweets.

This has made her style an expression of her own rebellion and a way of coming to terms with her past.

escultura azul de un caramelo de Laurence jenks en andorra

In short, this artist has a very marked style that sets her apart in the market, despite having clear influences from styles such as Pop Art or the Nice school.

In more current works, she has also explored other media such as robotics, a fact that could be seen at the Cannes exhibition in 2011.

It was at that same exhibition, called Candy Nations, that the sculptress rose to fame. There, Ella Jenk created several candy sculptures with the different flags of the countries participating in the G20 and with them she won the hearts of the spectators.

What we can affirm without a doubt is that Jenk has established herself as one of the most important artists on the current art scene, being one of the most exposed and with the highest number of sales in the United States, although her fame has crossed borders. extending her reputation internationally. In this way, she has managed to position herself as one of the best-selling contemporary artists on a global scale.

Her importance to the art world was recognized in 2019, when she was awarded the title of Chevalier de l'ordre des arts et des lettres, a highly prestigious distinction in her homeland of France.

Tel: +376 852 215


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