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What aerotermia is and why it is the energy of the future

No matter how fast the technology market is advancing we may have assimilated, innovation in this area always surprises us. Aerothermal energy cannot be an exception, which consists of freely extracting up to 77% of the ambient energy from the air, even when outside temperatures are below 0 degrees. To do this, state-of-the-art heat pumps are used that allow homes to have cooling, heating and hot water.

To understand better the idea: this system provides more energy than it consumes. For example, if the performance of a piece of equipment is 5, it will generate 5 kW of heat output for each kW of electricity it consumes in the procedure. That is, it will be producing 80% free energy. Thus, aerotermia has a high efficiency and is considered as renewable energy, but they are not its only advantages: it needs little maintenance, does not generate combustion, smoke or waste and is therefore safer and its installation is very simple.


Bomba de calor Yutaki S 2.0
Yutaki S 2.0

The Yutaki S 2.0 heat pump provides the necessary comfort in heating and cooling for the home. Being a compact equipment, it is perfect to integrate it into any space. It achieves a performance of up to 5.25 and maximum energy rating (A+++). In fact, it is capable of heating water up to 60 °C even when the temperature outside is -10 °C. In addition, it features an LCD remote control with an intuitive interface and easy to program.


Bomba de calor Yutaki S Combi 2.0

Thanks to the integrated 220-litre high-resistance stainless steel tank, the Yutaki S Combi 2.0 heat pump can perfectly meet the needs of a family of up to five people. Like its smaller counterpart, its installation is very simple and access to information is provided from the LCD remote control without having to open the indoor unit.

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