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Winter sports in Andorra

esquiador andorra grandvalira resorts deporte de montaña

Andorra becomes a paradise for snow lovers every year, as soon as the first snow falls. With more than 300 skiable kilometers and an increasingly extensive offer, it is the meeting point for skiers from all over the world, although the Principality offers many more activities and below, we will explain the wide range of snow sports that it treasures.

It is a country known worldwide for its alpine skiing facilities, but in reality, it allows you to do all kinds of snow sports.



motos de nieve Andorra Grandvalira

Snowmobiles are the perfect way to discover new places in the Andorran mountains. On top of being a playful activity and perfect for adrenaline lovers, it is also very physically demanding. So if you dare to visit Andorra and take a snowmobile ride, make sure you come prepared!


moonbikes nieve andorra pal Arinsal

This modern and original concept combines motorcycling with snow sports. Indeed, this activity allows its followers to enter the most unusual corners of the country and discover the magic of the Andorran forests. Whether on excursions by day or by night, moonbikes are an experience that leaves no one indifferent!


snowtrike andorra pal Arinsal

If you are a fan of cycling, this activity is what you were looking for in winter! It combines skiing and mountain bikes by offering the bravest to go down the ski slopes aboard these vehicles.

Snowshoe hikes:

raquetas de nieve andorra excursion

If the snow seems to prevent you from hiking in the mountains, why not try a snowshoe outing? It is a very old but very fun way to make snow your best ally.

Ice skating:

patinaje Palau de Gel andorra

It is perfect for the most artistic athletes. At the Palau de Gel in Canillo you can enjoy the ice in an activity suitable for the whole family.

Sleighs and donuts:

pista trineo y donut andorra grandvalira

In the Arinsal Sector, you can enjoy two tracks for sleighs and donuts, an ideal activity for the youngest members of the family, but one that will entertain even the oldest.


esquiador andorra grandvalira resorts

This activity is designed for the most intrepid and passionate of adrenaline skiers. It combines paragliding and skiing, allowing athletes to explore their limits.

Ski mountaineering:

esqui de montaña andorra grandvalira

It is a sport with a growing demand, which is why the Andorran Principality has several marked circuits to guarantee the safe practice of it.


mushing trineo perros andorra grandvalira resorts

Mushing is the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular landscape of the mountains of Andorra, whether accompanied by family or friends. This is an activity for at least two people.

Karting on ice:

karting sobre hielo andorra Palau de Gel

This adrenaline-filled activity takes place at the Palau de Gel in individual 10-minute series on a marked circuit. The karts are of 200cc and have studded wheels.


esquiador andorra grandvalira resorts montañas

This is another of the activities aimed at the bravest. Skiers are deposited in the most distant peaks of the country to experience a very unconventional descent.

Hockey on ice:

hockey sobre hielo andorra Palau de Gel

A fun activity, even for those who don't know how to skate! At the Palau de Gel you can enjoy this sport in a group of at least 10 people with a minimum age of 16 years. Remember to wear adapted clothing!

Snow driving:

conducción sobre nieve andorra grandvalira

Land Rover joins Grandvalira in this experience that will not leave anyone indifferent. Test your driving skills aboard a Land Rover Defender 4x4 SUV in the most extreme situations.

But that's not all! The Andorran Principality also offers various snow activities, so you will surely find one adapted to your needs and tastes.


Snake glis-last track:

Snake Gliss last track andorra grandvalira

In a set of sledges led by a monitor, you will be able to go down the Andorran slopes in a different and fun way.

Oversnow buggies:

buggies con oruga grandvalira resorts andorra

Discover the Pal Arinsal resort aboard an oversnow buggy. It will be the opportunity to explore the Coll de la Botella in this activity suitable only for adults.

First snow:

esquiadora andorra grandvalira resorts

At the El Tarter station in Grandvalira you can enjoy a unique experience and descend its slopes before anyone else! With this activity, you will be able to access the slopes before the access is opened to the general public and enjoy the tranquility of the mountains.

Igloo building:

construcción de iglu grandvalira resorts andorra

Following the construction techniques of the Eskimos, you will be able to build your own igloo. This activity is carried out with a minimum of 6 people.

Skiing simulator:

simulador virtual de esquí andorra grandvalira

This simulator allows you to experience skiing without being on the slopes, since it imitates the force and slope of the mountains. It will seem like a completely real experience.

Snow tubbing:

snow tubbing andorra grandvalira resorts

On the longest tubbing track in Europe you can reach up to 60 km/h. The circuit has lighting, which makes it an activity available both at night and in the summer season.

And, indeed, Andorra also has activities that can be carried out throughout the year. So if you love one of their activities, you can always come back in the summer and do it again!


Zip line:

tirolina grandvalira resorts andorra

If you want to enjoy a new perspective of the mountains of Andorra, why don't you dare to go on a zip line tour? The Principality offers this activity at various points, such as Grandvalira or Pal Arinsal.

Magic Gliss:

Magic Gliss grandvalira resorts andorra

In this activity for children and adults, users will be able to enjoy the best views in the middle of nature. The access to the activity requires a ski pass, either the pedestrian one or the ski one.

Big Airbag:

big airbag grandvalira resorts andorra

Suitable for children from 6 years old, this activity is perfect to challenge your limits and live an unforgettable moment. The user jumps from various platforms onto a giant 10m mat.


slackline grandvalira resorts andorra pal Arinsal

Test your balance in this activity in which a nylon strap is used between two trees to make the route.

Orientation circuit:

circuito de orientación grandvalira resorts andorra

In circuits of 6 milestones, you will be able to discover the Andorran forests in a playful way. Find all the milestones and prove your navigation skills.

Rope park:

parque de cuerdas grandvalira resorts andorra

This activity takes place in three circuits adapted to the physical abilities of the user. All users will have to wear the appropriate clothing and footwear.

Explor Games:

exploración games grandvalira resorts andorra

An orientation activity that combines escape room and video game dynamics in outdoor spaces.

Horseback riding:

paseos a caballo andorra

Horseback riding is also possible in winter! Discover this sport in a different way and enjoy the connection with the Andorran nature.


tiro con arco grandvalira resorts andorra

This activity can also be done in winter. Accompanied by a monitor, you will learn the techniques of this sport.

So, do you dare to discover the offer of activities in Andorra?


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