A flora of its own and full of color!

The esparceta, the golden buttons, the grandalla, the mountain Antilla... These are some of the species of flora that we can easily find in the different natural areas of the Principality.

The esparceta

It is a perennial plant native to the Pyrenees, although it is native to Eurasia. It grows at most about 80 centimeters in height and has 6 to 12 pairs of leaflets. Formerly it was used as a hardware for sheep, horses and rabbits. In addition, it gives a very appreciated monofloral honey.

The golden buttons

They are present in much of Catalonia, including the Pyrenees. It flowers from March to July and its flowers are 4 to 15 mm in diameter and of an intense yellow color. It lives from sea level to 1,400 meters of altitude.

The mountain Antilla

It is recognized by the odd-numbered leaves and by having many small elliptical leaflets. The flowers are grouped in a glomerulus carried by a tall peduncle protruding from the bush. The petals are usually reddish and pink.

The grandalla

It has always been one of the most appreciated flowers in Andorra. It is very perfumed and is associated with Greek poetry and mythology. Its petals are white and has a central yellow crown with a red finish. It flowers in spring and is used to make more than 10% of current perfumes.


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