Andorra produces 19% of the electricity it consumes

Did you know that during 2017 Andorra consumed 579.9 GWh of electricity? (0.9% less than in 2016). And that of the total in produced 19%? (The rest is imported from France and Spain).

The country produces its electricity through different energy sources: hydraulics, photovoltaics, cogeneration and through the Waste Treatment Center. The one that gives more energy is the hydraulics, which have generated 86.7 GWh, 79% of the total electricity produced.

Given these figures, it should be borne in mind that Andorra is very sensitive to changes in temperature and weather. For if, for example, a year snows little, the country must produce artificial snow and this increases demand, and if a very cold wave comes, households must also raise their heating and, consequently, consume more.

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