Edible mushrooms from Andorra

Image of a marzuelo

The mushrooms are arriving in Andorra. They start to come out with the first rains of late summer and we will have them throughout the fall and a part of the winter. Yes well, get ready, time flies by and we have to be ready for mushroom hunting! But be careful, they are not all edible. Today we present you some edible so you are not wrong:

The cloud

With a brown colour and a convex hat, the cloud is one of the best known mushrooms in Andorra and Catalonia. Its name comes from the fact that when cut, an rust-colored liquid comes out.

Black strain

This mushroom is formed by a first hemispheric hat and then more convex- flattened. It is rather brown or ochre in colour and has a viscous surface. It usually appears during spring, summer and early autumn.

Rat’s foot

Mushroom with coral shape and highly branched branches. It usually "blooms" in the summer-autumn period.


With a white color, the marzuelo is present when the cold arrives, so in November you can get to see. But, above all, it is visible during the months of December and January.


With a pink and reddish color, it contrasts with the white gills and foot. It is a mushroom that appears in autumn, especially in the month of November.

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