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The Tristaina Peak Ascent

Circ de Tristaina

With great enthusiasm we show you a high mountain itinerary surrounded by peaks and lakes where the purity of the environment and harmony will accompany us throughout the ascent.

The hike does not present much technical difficulty, but we will have to be aware and physically prepared to face this ascent in the middle of winter, since we will need a little more technical material.

The trip starts at the ski resort of Ordino-Arcalís. Just after leaving we will see the road that climbs towards the three lakes that characterize the itinerary. In just under two hours, we will arrive at the middle point where we will observe the three lakes and all the circus of mountains that surround them. Undoubtedly, we enter in high mountain territory, since at this point the verticality of the road increases considerably.

The action begins! We follow the stone milestones and yellow dots that guide the way to the top.

The ascent is more technical and we begin to gain altitude. At this point of the itinerary the route is more exposed and aerial (not suitable for vertiginous).

In about three hours we finish and reach the top, where we can observe with devotion and emotion the entire sky around us. SIMPLY INCREDIBLE! The descent will be done in just over two hours, returning to the starting point: the Ordino-Arcalís ski resort.



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