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Pasear por Andorra es todo un espectáculo visual. Sus calles albergan diferentes monumentos, esculturas, iglesias, puentes, fuentes y otros espacios de interés que forman parte del patrimonio arquitectónico y cultural del país. ¡No te pierdas las construcciones más emblemáticas del Principado! A continuación, te detallamos los puntos que sí o sí debes visitar.



Strolling through Andorra is a visual experience. Its streets house different monuments, sculptures, churches, bridges, fountains and other areas of interest that are part of the architectural and cultural heritage of the country. Don't miss on the most emblematic constructions of the Principality! On the following, we detail the points of interest that you should visit.


Statues, interesting buildings, commemorative squares, emblematic streets ... Andorra offers a wide range of places that allow you to get to know the country more closely.


Andorra's museum offer is very wide. Among its exhibition halls you will find the most traditional and representative products and trades of the country. You will find more than 20 museums to visit.


Immortalize the landscapes and the Andorran mountains through the photographic points that we propose. Lookouts, key points, picnic, summits, high altitude areas...


Romanesque art predominates largely in the heritage and architectural legacy of Andorra. In total, the country has more than 40 buildings that present this art.

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