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Boreand, an andorran fashion brand, feminine and with a modern style

pieces of clothing at the Boreand shop

Boreand is a women's fashion brand created by Natalia Espot, an Andorran entrepreneur and fashion designer who has completed her academic career in prestigious cities such as Barcelona and London.


Boreand was born in 2018 as an innovative proposal for the Andorran market, with limited collections (capsule collections), designed and produced in the country, which give each customer the opportunity to wear unique pieces.

The designs of Boreand are characterised by high quality materials, highlighting the feminine essence with each garment through a sophisticated and modern style.

Textures, prints, and many meticulous details transform each collection of this young local brand into a new discovery for those women who want to stand out in any special occasion.


Besides the collections for each season, Boreand offers an exclusive tailoring service for events available all year round, with the possibility of adapting the garments already made to the needs of each client and providing an even greater personalisation to all the designs.

Another option that we can find in the Boreand shop, located in Andorra la Vella, is the sale of textiles and retail product of a merger with the traditional textile shop El Teu Estil, which has ceased to operate in its former headquarters, but maintains its variety and quality of materials because of the management and personal attention of Natalia.

From the most conventional and versatile fabrics such as cotton or tulle, to more exclusive alternatives like silk, in Boreand they will always be able give you the best advise so you can find the most suitable option, at competitive prices and with one of the most important selections of fabrics in the country.

external view of the andorran boutique boreand

In a market in constant expansion and massification, where standing out is not always an easy choice, Boreand continues to grow and bring a style with personality and quality to Andorran fashion.

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