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The Escaldes-Engordany Bridge

The Escaldes-Engordany Bridge is located in the center of the parish and is of medieval origin. Under its structure, formed by a single arch, passes the Valira river, which when lowered with force gives color and luminosity to the space. The infrastructure is also characterized by being quite asymmetrical due to the unevenness that exists between both ends of the bridge.

The infrastructure is built by stones of the time and presents earthy tones, which arise especially when the sun rays illuminate the material. The landscape that forms between the silhouette of the construction and the newly built buildings that surround it is truly winding and worthy of being photographed.

Location: To access the Escaldes-Engordany Bridge you can go from the Carlemany Avenue or from the Ensucaranes Road. If you prefer to go from the avenue, you have to pass in front of the Santa Ana Square, and right in front is the bridge. And if you want to go from Ensucaranes road, you have to get to the intersection with the Engordany street.


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