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Cava Ronaldo, Quality cuisine for all tastes in Andorra la Vella

Looking for a restaurant that offers a complete experience, with good gastronomy and a warm atmosphere can sometimes be a somewhat complicated task due to the wide range of culinary offerings in Andorra la Vella.

It is in the Andorran capital and in the heart of the Historic Centre where the restaurant Cava Ronaldo is located, a place where quality is an essential part of a mountain cuisine, real and with flavours that we will remember on every visit.

Cava Ronaldo offers a wide range of dishes adapted to different times, with a menu available every lunchtime and evening, from Monday to Friday and at weekends.

Its style of cuisine is based on a traditional mountain gastronomy, where the sobriety of its preparations stands out and with raw materials carefully selected by the Chef Ronaldo.

This is reflected in each serving, where in addition to enjoying delicious dishes prepared in an open kitchen, we will feel at home in a room that surprises us with its warmth and elegant decoration without stridency. But a good ambience is not enough when it comes to building customer loyalty, as the attention and efficiency of the service play a very important role in achieving the experience we mentioned at the start. This is where Sara, who is also in charge of creating this subtle atmosphere that invites to a moment of relaxation and delight, comes in.

At Cava Ronaldo you will enjoy a wide selection of dishes to suit all tastes. The options range from grilled or stone-grilled meats such as filet de bou or graellada de muntanya, low-temperature meats such as Espatila de Cabrit, or fish dishes that vary according to market availability. We can also highlight starters such as salmon and bou steak tartar, meat and boletus cannelloni with foie gras, or the tasty rice dishes available in individual portions or to share. Also worth mentioning are the truly handmade desserts that provide the sweet finishing touch to every meal.

Vegetarian dishes and gluten-free options are other facilities offered by this welcoming restaurant, as well as a varied wine list designed to accompany the different alternatives on the menu.

With several years of experience in the Andorran market, great value for money and a central location in the iconic Historic Centre, Cava Ronaldo remains one of the preferred options for the local public, and a great choice for those who decide to visit Andorra.

+376 820 175



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