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Forests of Andorra

Image of fir trees

The forests of Andorra represent 2/5 parts of the Andorran territory and within them we find different types of trees, such as black pine, red pine or the fir. Down below we tell you a couple of curiosities of each one.

Red pine

This type of tree usually grows from 20 to 40 meters high and blooms during the months of May and June. Its name comes from its red bark.

Black pine

It is a tree that grows approximately 20 m high with the branches facing the sun and with a trunk normally straight, although occasionally it comes out more deformed like the one we have in the image, where we see the solitary Pine of the valley of rivers.


It usually grows 20 to 50 meters high, although sometimes it can even reach the 60 meters. As its branches go towards the tip, they become smaller and always face downwards. Its trunk is cylindrical and straight with a smooth bark.


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