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Instalfred introduces the ICombi Pro: a smart and efficient cooker

ICombi pro Rational

The technology advances at a constant rhythm in all areas, incorporating tools that facilitate tasks, reduce production times, and offer an increasingly complete assistance to the human hand.

In the specific case of the hotel and catering industry, where new trends are the order of the day in terms of kitchen management and equipment, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest developments that offer optimisation in each operation.

It is in this field of permanent innovation that Rational, an international company with more than 45 years of experience in the research and development of both industrial and commercial equipment, as well as kitchen management and gastronomic trends, stands out.


Thanks to Instal-fred, a local company based in Escaldes-Engordany specialising in customisation, installation and maintenance of catering equipment, who are also official distributors of Rational in Andorra, we have the chance to talk to a technician specialising in the latest generation of ovens.

In this video report, we have the chance to talk to a technician specialising in the latest generation of ovens and learn about the operation and the many advantages offered by this clear example of intelligent productivity; The ICombi Pro:


Designed to adapt to spaces with different dimensions and requirements, the ICombi Pro has numerous functions that provide solutions for simultaneous preparation and cooking of food. In this way, and without the need for large surfaces, it is possible to obtain precise results, saving time and speeding up procedures with absolute control at all times.

Efficiency, simplicity and safety are some of the qualities that this intelligent kitchen offers professionals, helping to save time and money. All while maintaining the quality of preparations such as meat, fish, vegetables, bakery products, catering in general, among many other options.

Productivity is also reflected in factors such as optimised energy consumption, as well as in everyday processes such as cleaning and planning. In short, with the ICombi Pro it is possible to do everything as before, but much better.

Instal-fred S.L.U. is one of the leading companies in the Andorran market. They provide services and products to a large number of customers throughout the country in the field of catering equipment, offering maintenance coverage and personalised attention with the highest technical and professional quality.

They are also official distributors of the Rational brand in Andorra, providing technical advice and training with certified professionals.

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