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Jet Consult, a different and exclusive way to travel

Vista panorámica de hangar de Jet Consult

One of the most enriching experiences for human beings is travelling, where the connection between places, cultures and, overall, people make each itinerary a unique experience.

That is why, as a result of the impact and development of technology in the field of leisure, travelling to practically any part of the planet has become a totally probable and tangible event, rather than an impossible challenge.


If we consider Andorra in particular, where the uniqueness of its location has set the standards in terms of accessibility and transportation since its beginnings, it is essential to consider the evolution of the facilities that today allow more and more visitors to enjoy its captivating environment.

In consonance with this reality, the luxury industry has played a leading role in the transformation and improvement of services that respond to the requirements of an increasingly select public that chooses the Principality of Andorra as a destination for business or pleasure.

With the opening of the Andorra-La Seu airport in 2021, just 25 km from the principality, many of the factors that until then represented a handicap in the duration of journeys have been solved, shortening waiting times, stopovers or delays by road in a very significant way for visitors.

It is in this context of full growth that Jet Consult was born, an independent company of Dutch origin with extensive experience in the organisation of international travel.

Founded in 2015 by Rieko Dalhuisen with extensive aviation experience as a member of the Royal Netherlands Air Force and a passion for aviation, Jet Consult emerges as a response to the overwhelming demand for high-end services such as private flights or fully customised itinerary assistance for users who require high standards of privacy and efficiency in their travels.

The exclusive services of Jet Consult start from the moment before the flight, where they take care of all the itinerary planning, transfers in high-end vehicles with their own fleet, on-board assistance, simplification of procedures for boarding and landing, as well as the transfer to the destination in a limousine if the client requires it. In this way, they not only ensure a privileged experience during the journey, but also provide the passenger with every possible comfort at the highest level with every detail. This includes every member of the family or group, with pets being as welcome and pampered as the rest of the passengers.

With the aim of providing a complete and select experience to each of its passengers, Jet Consult has a comfortable and meticulously equipped VIP Lounge at Andorra-La Seu Airport, located in the Company's own hangar where the Andorra Aviation Group operates exclusively. There, clients are entertained with Premium amenities both on arrival and departure, providing a space designed for relaxation and comfort.


Jet Consult offers an additional and differentiating service compared to other alternatives on the market, consisting of a fully personalised concierge service capable of covering any need, such as a restaurant reservation, a spa session, a helicopter transfer, among many others.

Environmental responsibility is another of the key points in Jet Consult's management. An example of this is its reforestation initiative in areas affected by the activity of its flights, or the project to incorporate an electric fleet with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.


Establishing an air bridge from Andorra to the rest of the world in an efficient and exclusive way is an objective that has been achieved thanks to Jet Consult.

With a team of highly qualified professionals focused on offering an exceptional experience to each passenger, with a fleet of high-end, state-of-the-art vehicles on the ground and in the air, and a commitment to total satisfaction on each trip, this company led by entrepreneur Chris Bower is a reference in the local industry that has marked a before and after for luxury tourism in the Principality of Andorra.

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