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La Huella Vegana, tasty food with a responsible philosophy

Tasty and balanced eating has ceased to be a fashion and has become a necessity that is increasingly present in the world of gastronomy.

La Huella Vegana, with its philosophy of sustainable and responsible food, has created a concept based on street food that tries to preserve a balance between the use of raw materials and the flavour of each dish, resulting in an alternative with broad and inclusive flavours for everyone.

Born in the capital of Madrid, La Huella Vegana is a project that, thanks to its great success, has transcended Spanish frontiers to set up in Andorra, specifically in the Historic Centre of Andorra la Vella with a proposal that is faithful to the concept of the franchise. In this way, it offers us the chance to discover flavours that were hitherto not so accessible beyond the vegan public, thus demonstrating that food is a point of connection and a delicious way of breaking down barriers.

It has a wide variety of gluten-free alternatives, specifically more than 70% of the menu, which together with the artisan preparation of each dish gives the products an outstanding quality.

Some of the most popular options you can enjoy at Huella Vegana are the millet croquettes with carrots (Mijos de la Anarquía), the tasty and refreshing mango ceviche, or the Mohamed Ali burger with quinoa fillet and black olive.

The restaurant is located in a charming setting of great tourist interest and has a cosy terrace to enjoy a meal outdoors at any time of the year and perfect for a dinner in the middle of summer, as well as its renovated lounge decorated in tones that invite you to relax.

Enjoying 100% vegan flavours in the comfort of your own home is also possible thanks to the home delivery service they offer with City Xerpa available every lunchtime and evening.

So now you know, if you are looking for a delicious, balanced alternative in the Historic Centre of Andorra la Vella, La Huella Vegana will be your best choice every lunchtime and evening, Monday to Sunday from 1pm to 4pm and from 8pm to midnight.

+376 863 348

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