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River Trout

The river trout is a dish that you cannot miss if you visit Andorra. It can be tasted in numerous establishments in the country but, if you dare, we will show you how to prepare it down below:

Ingredients (for 4 people):

-4 river trout

-8 slices of cured ham




1) Wash the trout with plenty of water, preferably cold.

2) Season the trout on both sides to the consumer's taste (don’t put too much salt because they are accompanied by cured ham) and coat them with flour.

3) Fry the slices of ham in a frying pan with oil and let them drain on a separate plate.

4) Fry the trout in the same pan over medium heat so that they are crispy on the outside and cooked on the inside.

5) Serve the trout with the slices of ham on top.

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