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Second country with the most museums per square metre

Only the Vatican has more museums per square metre than Andorra. Although most of them are small, there is a great variety, they deal with very different subjects and have exclusive collections. In addition, some of the famous people who live in the country have their own museum, such as Jorge Lorenzo or the Baroness Thyssen.

Among the most notable is the Espai Columba, an exhibition of Romanesque mural paintings, which also offers a video-mapping system to show the interior of the Church of Santa Coloma as it looked in the 12th century, among other things.

Another of the best known is the Casa de la Vall, the former Andorran parliament. It was founded in 1419, making it one of the oldest in Europe. Since 2011 it has been used for ceremonial events and as a historical museum.

On this page you can consult all the information on museums in Andorra:


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