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Switch to sustainable transport

Getting around Andorra is often an odyssey. The lack of public transport such as the metro or tram and the number of tourists visiting the country cause traffic jams relatively frequently, causing a lot of time to be wasted in the car, increasing pollution and reducing the patience of the citizens. However, Comelec has an ecological, practical, safe and economical alternative: Youin's electric bicycles and scooters.

Specifically, the shop stocks the Youin Dubai electric bike, which has a 250 W motor and a removable 360 Wh battery with a range of 45 kilometres and a charging time of around 6 hours. It also has 7 gears and 20x4 thick FAT tyres, capable of riding with ease on asphalt, sand and snow. In addition, an LCD screen is integrated into the handlebars to check the speed, battery level and pedalling mode. To ensure user safety, it is equipped with disc brakes on both wheels, lockable front suspension, a gel saddle and front and rear lights. Finally, it stands out for its versatility: it weighs little and can be folded in three parts.

Also in stock is the Youin XL Max scooter, which has a range of up to 60 kilometres, 10-inch wheels and a double suspension that perfectly absorbs city bumps and kerbs. Like the bike, it is equipped with a front and brake light and an LCD display with speedometer, battery level and riding mode. It can be configured in up to 4 speed modes, is foldable, has an aluminium alloy body and disc brakes on both wheels.

In addition to these models, Comelec has a catalogue of conventional, mountain, urban and folding electric bikes, children's electric scooters and other models capable of adapting to different needs, as well as accessories and spare parts for these vehicles, such as helmets with LED lights, brackets for smartphones, anti-theft systems, chargers, wheels, shock absorbers, etc.

This type of vehicle has many advantages. As they are electric, they do not pollute. They are ideal if you do not have to travel long distances to go to work or to travel around the city, as the cost of charging the battery is very low and they avoid traffic jams. They are also very easy to transport and store. In the case of the bicycle, you also get exercise when you use it.

Comelec is a shop specialising in electronic components for professionals and telecommunications. The company is 27 years old in the Andorran market and among its articles you can find industrial electronic parts, adapters to establish electronic connections, batteries, 4K surveillance cameras, timers (to set the time to turn on a light bulb, for example), satellite dishes, WiFi amplifiers and any type of cable, among many other things. All Comelec employees have excellent specialised training, so they are able to resolve any doubts or technical questions that the customer may have.

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