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The grandalla, the Andorra's national flower and poetic symbol

Grandallas en praderas de Andorra

Andorra has a great diversity of flora that includes more than 1,100 species of plants in different ecosystems. Among all this natural wealth, there is one species of flower that stands out for its beauty and adaptability to the local climate: the grandalla.

This flower is a national symbol of the country due to its large presence in Andorran territory and a charm that has made it a coveted product for the perfume industry.

It can be found in fields, forests and other green spaces. In fact, it can easily be seen in parish gardens and parks.

The grandalla appears in spring and is composed of six white petals and a yellow crown in the centre that captivates with a subtle aesthetic, as well as a delicate and persistent scent.

In ancient times, the flower was highly appreciated in the cultural sphere, as it was closely linked to the world of poetry and Greek mythology, hence its Latin name: Narcissus poeticus.

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