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Fountain del Besurt Viewpoint

The Fountain del Besurt viewpoint, located in the Massana, opens the door to a great variety of flora and fauna typical of the humid forests of the Pyrenees, where conifers and other native species proliferate, such as the common pine. On top of that, the area is covered by a large mantle of lichens, which are installed on the branches and trunks of the different trees.

If you pay attention, you can see traces of fauna, such as footprints, feathers or food remains, which confirm the presence of animals in the territory. However, during the day it is quite complicated to get to see some of the species that inhabit the forest, on top of the small birds and insects that glide through the trees looking for a ray of sunshine.

Location: The fountain del Besurt viewpoint is located on the Caubella road, in La Massana. Once past the Xixerella and Pal, continue on the CG 4 road until you reach the junction with the CS-420 road, which gives way to the Vallnord car park. Just at the beginning of this secondary road, to the left in the south, is the viewpoint.


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