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Art Lab, an art epicentre in Andorra

Galeria d'art Art Lab

Each and everything that surrounds us has a message, a meaning or a connotation that envelops us and speaks for itself. Nature in its immense simplicity or the creations of man are transformed into a revelation that mobilises us and impels us to tell a story of what we feel.


That is why art, in its multiple forms of expression, has been an invaluable tool for learning about vestiges of past eras through images, monuments, writings and an infinite number of elements that persist and physically or culturally enrich the essence of each civilisation.

Subject to moral or ethical judgements, art gives us the opportunity to delve into the depths of our emotions in a process that depends only on how far we desire to get.

In a country like Andorra, where cultural manifestations have such a strong presence in people's daily lives with Romanesque churches or government buildings such as the Casa de la Vall, the contrast between modern and ancient art is a fact that involves us beyond our perception.

It is enough just to walk through the streets, promenade through the parks, or simply pay a moment's attention, stopping to observe, to understand that our environment has as intimate a bond with art as with the nature that embraces it.

 Art Lab is an art gallery located in Santa Coloma, in the parish of Andorra la Vella, and was founded in 2021 with the objective to provide an artistic, dynamic and multicultural space for Andorra's society.

This modern and sophisticated gallery has been the scene of multiple interventions, most of which have included contemporary art and Pop Art, as well as providing a space for workshops with the participation of internationally renowned figures such as:

Marco Maseda

Ewelina Wieclaw 

Andrei Kobushenko

This is the reason why Art Lab has positioned itself as a notable point in the artistic and cultural activity of the country thanks to its innovative proposals with prestigious names, but also giving a voice to new creators.


With this kind of actions, and under the direction of the entrepreneur Christiaan Bouwer, this art gallery is working to add value to the Prat Condal complex, turning it into a cultural epicentre for Santa Coloma and Andorra, where we can also find restaurants such as Bella Ciao, high standing companies such as Jet Consult, among other projects of the group.

With an important contribution and commitment to the local art scene, Art Lab continues to open its doors to authors and art enthusiasts, providing an unbeatable atmosphere to immerse ourselves in the creative depths of the country and the art world.

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