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A Mediterranean artist inspired by Japan

Sun Gallery is an art gallery located a few meters from the nerve center of Andorra, its exhibition aims to highlight artists from the French Riviera in the principality.

This is the case of Olivier Tramoni, a very versatile artist who is still active, delighting his faithful followers with works on a frequent basis.

Originally from Nice, Olivier Tramoni studied Fine Arts, where he developed a particular interest in oil painting and its different techniques.

He is a very complete painter who covers several styles and is able to produce paintings on demand. His work is characterized by a very particular technique, the portrait of movement. His personal stamp can also be perceived in the representations that capture static scenes.

Olivier often resorts to the color red in his paintings, whose dominant tones are usually more neutral. The use of this color is no coincidence, since one of the author's great influences is Japanese art, in which the color red is iconic. This makes it an attraction among the public, both Japanese and Chinese.

This contrast of colors gives dynamism to his work, if we take into account that it represents in our culture, passion, energy and in short, strong emotions.

His work is characterized by a very particular technique, the portrait of movement.

However, as a Mediterranean artist, his work is also influenced by blue tones and references to the sea.

The artist resorts to a mixture of materials and painting techniques, for example in works with lacquers, in which he explores textures and depth that help to amplify the sensation of movement.

In short, its versatility brings to our gallery a great variety of works, ideal to dress a rustic house, as well as a more contemporary apartment. In addition, the artist's ability to generate customized works with personalized themes allows us to offer our clients an infinite number of compositions.

Tel: +376 852 215

Admission by appointment or from Tuesday to Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


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