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Borda de l'Horto quality gastronomy with Andorran history

Night view of Borda de l'Horto

Andorra is a country with a unique environment where nature and its privileged location occupy an essential place in the itineraries of visitors and residents.


This microstate, home to one of the oldest parliaments in Europe, has a geographical location that has marked its development over time due to its complex climate. This is clearly evidenced in the origins of the local gastronomy, the main protagonist being the traditional "bordas".

The Andorran cuisine that we taste today is a far cry from the preparations of the time, whose essential aim was to provide subsistence in the face of the harsh winters, despite the limited supply of raw materials, but with simple, hearty preparations.

At that time, most of the families established in the area had seasonal produce such as mushrooms and chicory, which, together with hunting meats such as Pyrenean hare, Isard, Xai and trout, provided quality ingredients and sustenance for each dish.

Plates such as trinxat, sausages, escudellas, wild meats prepared on the embers of fireplaces, or cheeses made from goat's or sheep's milk, have given rise to a culinary style that has developed largely due to the gastronomic influence and proximity of France and Spain, specifically Catalonia and the Ariège area.

Variety of flowers at Borda de l'Horto Andorra

This close connection to world gastronomic references, combined with the natural context that surrounds the Andorran territory, gave a significant impulse to the country's culinary scene.

With the arrival of tourism and the rise of globalisation, where gastronomic resources are within everyone's reach, this process has been increasing until we are nowadays, with an offer rich in tradition, where fresh and local ingredients are of central value, and incorporating methods and raw materials from its historic neighbours.

This gastronomic evolution has taken place above all in the typical "bordas" of the time, which we can now enjoy as the setting for an offer developed by restaurants with their own style, but which share the essence of a noble cuisine with flavours so authentic and steeped in tradition.

One of the most emblematic examples of this type of building is La Borda de L'Horto, a restaurant located in a typical Andorran borda in the village of Ransol, and parish of Canillo.

This renowned restaurant, with more than 25 years of activity in the Andorran market, is one of the most outstanding references in the country's gastronomy thanks to its traditional essence. Proof of this is its impeccably preserved architecture, its mountain cuisine prepared with seasonal products, together with a friendly service that transmits a warmth and invites you to feel at home thanks to its owner Montse.

La Borda de L'Horto is set in the original structure of a typical Andorran house of the period, with stone walls, sturdy beams and the old feeding troughs for the animals. It has a lounge on the main floor, a cosy terrace that can be enjoyed especially in summer, and a lounge on the first floor that is ideal for private meetings such as christenings, weddings or communions.

But undoubtedly, the central element of the room is its wood-burning fireplace which, in addition to providing a cosy atmosphere for diners, also functions as a brazier where they cook their delicious and quality meats.


This traditional and typical mountain Borda has a varied menu that includes high quality grilled meats, fish, pasta, different types of hot and cold starters, and desserts. All prepared with artisan quality by the chef and head chef Francisco, who, together with his team, prepares suggestions such as the emblematic and much sought-after three-cheese fondue on Pages bread.


Among the grilled dishes most popular with diners are the Andorran butifarra sausage, the T-bone steak, and the Xai ribs. Stewed and roasted meats such as cockerels, wild boar stew and roast shoulder of lamb also feature prominently among its most typical dishes.

In addition to meat and fish, at La Borda de L'Horto you can enjoy essential preparations such as Foie gras mi-cuit with two jams, snails, or Catalan-style Iberian ham.

It is worth mentioning that this iconic restaurant also offers vegetarian alternatives such as salads, a trinxat of cabbage and potato, or soups ideal for the winter season.


Other highlights of the Borda de L'Horto are the large parking area accessible from the main road to Tarter, its wide selection of wines, and the possibility of enjoying its gastronomy in the company of our pets.


Visited by tourists and preferred by local customers, La Borda de L'Horto preserves the charm and tradition that have made typical Andorran gastronomy one of the most popular in the area to this day.

Ideal to enjoy at midday after a day of walking or in the evenings for a dinner in the warmth of the fireplace, at La Borda de L'Horto you will be welcomed in a unique and cosy atmosphere.

Exterior view of the Borda de l'Horto Andorra in spring and summer

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