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Grup REFESA and the circular economy in Andorra

Natural resources are limited and society's awareness of this is of vital importance to ensure long-term sustainable development. Industry, which is becoming increasingly advanced, has often opted for a consumption model that is harmful to planet Earth. That is why, little by little, they are opting for environmentally friendly business alternatives that can last over the years without compromising nature. One example of this is the companies that promote the circular economy.

Grup REFESA, as well as being one of the leading business groups in the recycling and waste management sector in Andorra, at the LSR Logística y Servicios del Reciclaje plant in Aixovall, has a department exclusively dedicated to the sale and purchase and reuse of second-hand parts and spare parts for vehicles, tools, work accessories, tools, machinery, etc. Visiting their facilities you will be able to save money without losing an ounce of quality. You will find, for example, original second-hand parts and spare parts for all types of vehicles, at a much more affordable price than buying new. They have more than 2500 second-hand spare parts in stock, such as bumpers, wheels, rims, rear-view mirrors, wings, calandras, bonnets, engines, pilots, steering wheels, injectors, shock absorbers, spokes and a long etcetera. And the most important thing to note is that if they don't have what you are looking for, they will help you find it.

You can also find second-hand tools and industrial machinery in good condition that can have a second life, and even current or old objects, which are looking for an owner to give them a second chance to shine again with all its splendour, either with its initial purpose or using it for a new purpose. In this sense, upcycling or value-added recycling is the transformation of objects that have served their purpose and can continue to be used for another purpose. It is a good way of giving new value to objects that would otherwise end up as waste.

Grupo REFESA is formed by two leading companies in waste management, recycling and circular economy: LSR (Logística y Servicios del Reciclaje) and REFESA (Recuperaciones Férricas), both with 100% local capital and the experience of four generations dedicated to the sector. The group has different business lines: integrated waste management, treatment of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), dismantling of end-of-life vehicles, construction waste, hazardous waste and second-hand spare parts. The group is making a significant commitment to the recycling of WEEE, and is currently the only company in the country authorised to treat this type of waste. It dismantles and decontaminates them so that the different components can be reused, thus contributing to the circular economy and giving them a new life. The group is made up of a qualified team with years of experience in the sector, personnel with ADR hazardous materials licences for the transport of waste and, in addition, specific ongoing training in occupational hazards, fire prevention and extinguishing and safety advisors.

The circular economy model is therefore ideal, as it reduces both the extraction of raw materials and the pollution generated by the production of new parts. The main objective is to make the best use of the material resources we already have, extending their life cycle. The premise is clear: everything has a value and can be used. In this way, it is possible to maintain a sustainable relationship with progress. By reusing objects in good condition, you will at the same time contribute to improving your family's economy.

Tel: +376 844 133


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