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Minim's offers creative cuisine with Andorran roots and top quality products. Their dishes evoke tradition and intensity and integrate the typical flavors of mountain areas. His creations include, for example, au gratin onion soup, mushroom risotto with mascarpone cheese, tuna tataki with teriyaki sauce and candied vegetables with star anise and ossobuco. We can also find other statement products, such as brie and truffle cheese croquettes, Andorran beef steak with spring or crispy pork feet rolls with mushrooms. And for dessert, we should highlight the sweet foie gras nougat and the Fuentesauco cake with toast. On top of that, all their dishes are enlivened with an extensive wine list that just complements the flavors and aromas of each meal. During the summer season, the property has a large terrace that gives life to the square and allows you to enjoy the views of the areas' stone and traditional streets.

Andorra la Vella

Antic Carrer Major núm. 5

T. +376 867 511

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