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Objective: to raise awareness

Initiatives that can solve far-reaching problems arise from people's concerns. In this case, empathy, collaboration and respect for the environment are the vehicles chosen to be able to go far. A group of young people, tired of seeing rubbish piled up in Andorra's mountains, have decided to organize outings to comb though every single square meter of the country. To take care of nature, which is ultimately the greatest treasure we have. Nowadays, because of virtual tools, finding people who want to collaborate is an easier task than ever before. Through a WhatsApp group, more than 60 young people have decided to join the cause and book one or two days a week to enjoy a hiking route while picking up all the rubbish that they can find. The organizers are Gemma Parramon, Arnau Calvet, Marta Muñoz and Alba Gomes. Together, they propose different places to go in groups of around seven people, walk, have a small picnic and clean the mountains. Later, when the project is settled, they have the intention to organize outings with different levels of difficulty in order to cover the largest territory they are able to. "I like to go out in the mountains and I always carry a bag to pick up what the others are throwing away. One day I thought the situation was unbearable, that we had to do something to reverse the pollution. The next step was to create Mountain Trashers," Calvet said.


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