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On the way to the Estany of Meligar

Panoramic view of the Meligar Lake
Meligar Lake

Located in the parish of Encamp, the Estany of Meligar is a lake at 2440 metres altitude that forms part of an itinerary known as the Circo de Pessons, which begins its route at the Grau Roig parking area, specifically at the base of the El Cubill restaurant. There, we can start the route by taking one of the ski slopes, or by following the signed route through the forest. In both cases we will arrive at the first lake: The Estany Primer, where we can have a drink at the Restaurant Lago de Pessons of Grandvalira Resorts, enjoying the views and the captivating surroundings. Continuing along our route, we will follow the path that will take us to the second lake: The Estany Forcat, a lake surrounded by vegetation and with a shape that allows us to appreciate its beauty from different perspectives.

The itinerary continues along a well-signposted mountain path with a gradient that does not exceed 50 metres, making it a walk that is suitable and accessible for the whole family.

We continue climbing to reach the third lake: the Estany Rodó, with crystal-clear waters and a rocky presence that allows us to see the highest point of the circuit, the Pico de Pessons (2814 m). And if you pay a little attention, as well as being able to enjoy the grandeur of the landscape, you will be able to hear the typical high-pitched sound of marmots.

Mark on the road in the foreground. Lake Rodó in the background
Mark on the road

At this point we are already a short distance from our objective: The Meligar Lake, whose surface is surrounded by a mountain range and where we can still see the presence of pine trees. Here we will find a panoramic viewpoint of all the lakes we have been crossing, which are connected by a river that much further down will take the name of Riu dels Pessons, thus outlining the landscape in a way that can only be enjoyed from this point.

Did you know that Estany de Meligar is a toponym formed by the name of a plant group (Melga field) from the Latin Melica. This makes sense, since in several lakes along the route it is possible to observe the presence of this peculiar flora.

The Circ de Pessons has 7 lakes with different characteristics, heights and levels of difficulty, but an unquestionable point in common: the beauty and majesty that make the mountains of Andorra a treasure that never ceases to amaze us.

The coordinates to start the itinerary are (42° 31' 54",01° 41' 51")



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