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Springtime arrives in Andorra

The ski season is coming to an end in Andorra and after 6 months dressed in white, and nature is waking up. In the low altitude areas, the extravagant and charming cherry trees show off their flowers for a few days to offer walkers a magical and romantic moment that announces the arrival of spring.

On the heights, there is still white. In the mornings, before the first rays of sunshine melt the snow, the small birds give a concert and the echoes of the valleys amplify their melody. This indicates that nature is gradually awakening to a lyrical rhythm. The hibernation of the marmots is over and it is time to come out of their burrows, leaving their shelters under the ground to explore for food. They have to look amazing to find a mate. The stillness of the forest gives way to the flutter of a bird opening its eyes and for the first time it is no longer cold.

The water from the melting snow flows down from the mountain peaks, forming winding streams that form snakes in the landscape and mark the moment of the great exit of the serpents.

Beware mountaineers, their bite can be lethal!

The river Valira fills with water and on its banks the Pyrenean frogs bask in the sun. Thanks to the rainy afternoons they will soon have to look for a good puddle to lay their eggs.

As soon as the thaw begins, Andorra is reborn with an explosion of colour, yellow, pink, red flowers and the emblematic white Grandalla adorn the fields. The Blue Iris fills the Incles valley, but it is not the only one to be covered in lilac, as the vain and toxic blue Aconite reminds us that nature is made to be contemplated and respected.

The fishermen, encouraged by the clear water, draw their rods and start a choreography with the purpose of luring the trouts.

In Andorra we are lovers of scents and that is why, in addition to the outstanding number of perfumeries that fill the commercial artery of the urban centre of the principality, the important diversity of plants that spread a noble and natural fragrance, mark the essence of the country and highlight the richness of life in our mountains.


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