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Poblet de Nadal

Presentation of the event / Comú of Andorra la Vella

The seventh edition of Andorra la Vella's 'Poblet de Nadal' will begin on 25th November. The lighting of the parish lighting at 18:00 in the evening, the "cuddly toy" show, the opening of the market and a double fireworks display will complete the inauguration of the 'Poblet de Nadal'.

In the context of the energy crisis, a 50% reduction in electricity consumption is planned: the Christmas lighting will be concentrated exclusively on the shopping areas, the Christmas Market in the Plaça del Poblet and the old quarter for a period of 6 and a half weeks. In addition, it will be switched off at midnight and, in the case of the market roof lights, at 10 pm.

As for the 'Poblet de Nadal', it will have scenographies, 40 craft and gastronomy stalls, the Magic Post Office and six large-format travelling shows. There will also be a gastronomic area with the presence of local restaurants in the open air and live music.

In addition, for the first time, the Christmas Market will have a synthetic ice skating rink for the little ones. In the Town Square itself, the Magic Post Office will be located and also the 'tió', which will take a dump in the days leading up to Christmas. There will also be different activities programmed in the roundabout and a park with a carousel and a train will be installed in the old fire station.


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