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Total success for the Tibetan Bridge

The comú de Canillo has presented the operating figures for the Tibetan Bridge of 'la Vall del Riu' and the Roc del Quer viewpoint for the past year. In total, the two infrastructures have earned 1,410,847 euros, of which 660,477 are profits. These figures are 56% higher than the expectations forecast by the communal team.

It is worth noting that the Tibetan Bridge has considerably increased the number of visitors to Canillo, as 56% of those surveyed said they would not have come to the parish if it were not for the infrastructure. Between June and September, 83,800 more people came.

Thus, 75% of the 135 businesses in Canillo that have been asked consider the initiative to be very positive. In fact, 40% of the parish's business owners say that they have increased their income. Improvements for next season will focus on access, transport to get there and the services offered in the two infrastructures.

Images from the press conference / Comú de Canillo

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