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Vide Dressing in la Massana

Interested people can apply to participate from April 1 to 15

Eduard Comellas / Comú de la Massana

La Massana has set a date for the spring 2022 edition of the Vide Dressing: The event will be held from 6 to 8 May and consists of a second-hand clothing and accessories market. Registration to participate will be open from this Friday, April 1 and will remain available until the 15th of the same month. To register you need to send an email with the contact details to

From the parish Comú highlight that the market has a clear vocation to promote reuse and responsible consumption. In this you can find all kinds of items: bags, dresses, coats, sunglasses, shoes... It is certainly a good opportunity to find good quality products at low prices. In addition, some posts have solidarity purposes, as they will donate the money collected to charities.


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